BLACK+DECKER BPACT12HWT Review – Portable AC and Heater

Air conditioner units are quite beneficial either at home/work or in any other environment. Buying one is an excellent choice. However, the problem often arises when it comes to finding the best portable AC. There are lots of them on the market. Today, we are going to provide you with the BLACK+DECKER BPACT12HWT 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner review.

Before we dive into that, we must first acknowledge that a portable air conditioning unit is advantageous than the permanent one. It’s capable of meeting all your needs at any place and at any moment. Our review will help you make an informed choice in purchasing a suitable portable air conditioner for you.

What is the BLACK+DECKER 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner?

It is one of the best portable air conditioners in 2020 because of the many features that it offers. It allows you to enjoy a comfy home/office climate. You won’t have to worry about burning up and sweating this summer. It not only cools but dehumidifies and circulates the air. With the Black and Decker portable air conditioner, you can comfortably enjoy spending time indoors.

Black and Decker 12000 BTU review

It rates highly in lots of portable air conditioner reviews, and it’s quite popular among people living in hot areas. Other than that, it has easy to use electronic controls. You, therefore, won’t have a hard time regulating the temperatures. It also comes with a remote control for ease of use. To make matters even better, it’s silent. You will be able to enjoy your sleep without any noise disturbance. This ac can easily be carried from one point to another. The side carrying handles and rolling caster wheels make it portable. Below are some of the major features of the BLACK+DECKER BPACT12HWT.


  • The 12,000 BTU keeps cool a room approximately 150 by 250 sq.
  • Being a portable air conditioner and heater, it can heat a 10’ x 20’ room.
  • It’s 3 in 1. An air conditioner/ heater/ fan.
  • It comes with remote control.
  • It’s environmentally friendly.
  • It features Auto Water Evaporation.
  • It has four directions vented airflow outlets.
  • It has a 24-hour timer and sleep mode. You can, therefore, adjust it depending on your needs.
  • It has an LED Display that is strategically mounted at the top to ease control of the AC.
  • It can be installed on a wall or window.
  • There are caster wheels at the bottom of the AC. They help in making the Black and Decker AC portable.
  • It comes with an installation kit that entails; an air exhaust hose (5 feet long), a window casement, both an inlet and outlet hose adapter, a water drain hose and finally a manual to guide you in every step.
  • The AC comes with a one year warranty.
  • The power cord is 8” long.
  • It functions using vertical motion that creates constant and consistent airflow in your home or office.

The cooling power of 12000 BTU portable air conditioner

As mentioned in the features part, Black+Decker portable air conditioner 12000 BTU is designed to cool a room approximately 150 by 250 sq.

And when it comes to hating it can heat a 10’ x 20’ room.

The biggest problem that can hinder proper cooling is finding the most appropriate placement of the AC so that it can serve the whole area accordingly.

12000 BTU Portable AC


Noise level

When it comes to nose level of BLACK+DECKER BPACT12HWT we can say it is one of the quietest portable AC we have reviewed. We have noticed that it can be loud when it’s running, but once the temperature in the room reaches the temperature inputted, it’s become pretty quiet.


The Pros of The Black+Decker Portable Air Conditioner

As mentioned above, this is one of the best portable air conditioners in 2020. Below are the reasons why people love it so much.

The Pros

  1. It’s an Air Conditioner/Heater

As you know, the weather is always changing. Today it could be super hot and the next it’s extremely cold. Due to this, buying an air conditioner will limit you. You will only be able to use it when it’s hot. But the 12,000 BTU Portable Air conditioner is also a heater. It can heat a 10’ x 20’ room. It will be useful in all types of weathers. It’s not a one-time air conditioner. You can use it at the office, bedroom, and living room or anywhere you want. You can also vent it through a wall or door into another room.

  1. Excellent Performance

This AC is designed to use vertical motion. It, therefore, creates a steady and powerful airflow. You can be assured of consistent temperatures. Moreover, it also has an air filter that ensures only clean air is released into the environment. You also have the freedom to choose from four different modes ranging from dehumidification, heater, ac, and fan. It also operates silently.

  1. Portability

A while back, most ACs were permanent. That hindered users from being able to benefit from them fully. However, the BLACK+DECKER BPACT12HWT is a portable AC. It has four caster wheels at the base for smooth movement. You can easily carry it from one room to another.

  1. Easy Navigation and Control

The Black and Decker portable air conditioner comes with a remote control. You can therefore easily increase or decrease the temperatures when you are still coiled up in your bed. Moreover, the LED digital display located at the top of the AC allows you to do the same.

The Cons

  1. Gathered from previous user’s reviews, some mentioned that setting up of the window panels was a bit difficult. However, if you face a similar problem, you can always call a professional to help you out. Or rather you can contact the Black and Decker Customer Care for further inquiries.

Other customer reviews

Our review confirms that BLACK+DECKER BPACT12HWT is definitely one of the best portable air conditioners on the market in 2020. However, as always we did additional research to find out what other people who bought this unit have to say about it. We found out that a huge majority of customers were highly satisfied whit this Black and Decker device. The cooling power and the noise level are considered more than acceptable. Here are some of the reviews:

I will admit that I was concerned about the amount of noise from other reviews, but I can honestly say that it’s really not bad at all. You have to remember it a portable AC unit, but still it’s no louder than my fan was when set to medium.

Did exactly what I expected to do! For past summers I had to deal with my room being extremely hot and humid. I was surprised by how cool it got with this.

Item is as was expected. Works great, and my grand daughter loves it.


The above is the Black+Decker 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner review. The AC has very good cooling power, it’s portable and can also keep you warm during the cold days. It’s an air conditioner that you can rely on. Moreover, it’s from a credible company that is Black+Decker, which was founded in 1910.

BLACK and DECKER BPACT12HWT 12000 BTU review













  • Cooling power
  • AC and heater
  • Design
  • Noise level
  • Easy Navigation and Control


  • Recommended for small rooms
  • Possible instalation problems