Honeywell MF08CESWW Review – Small Portable AC unit

At the mention of this product, the first idea that comes to mind is the amazing feeling of enjoying fresh air everywhere you go. The role that all air conditioners play in our daily lives is far too impressive to pass for ignorance. The good thing about this small portable AC unit is the fact that not only is it powerful, but, also operates under minimal or strictly no noise at all. The product has an automatic safety switch that works between 1 to 24 hours. It also has an LED light that boosts the functionality of the remote.

Honeywell MF08CESWW – Product Unpacking

When it comes to first impressions, trust the Honeywell Small Portable AC unit to make you smile when you least expect it. When you open it, you will be fast to notice the ideal packaging that mirrors the quality of Honeywell products and services. When you ship it, you will be glad to notice that it comes in a recycled box made of cardboard creating the impression that after opening it, you can put the box to another use.

Honeywell MF08CESWW review

In other words, the first impression of this product is sure to place a genuine smile on your face because of its beautiful and classy nature. In other words, unboxing this Honeywell product is another level of attaining customer satisfaction that you cannot get from another person other than attempting to get the product yourself.

Honeywell MF08CESWW 8000 BTU portable air conditioner remote

Real-Life Applications/ Functions

There are so many roles that the Honeywell portable air conditioning unit can perform depending on the user. The first task is that it helps to boost comfort in small commercial offices which, in turn positively affects the productivity of the business. Its second objective is to improve your health, by heightening efficient air circulation more so when you are away from the daily official business, and you are home resting.

Honeywell MF08CESWW 8000 BTU

Another task of this small AC unit model is to provide warmth and heat when it is cold and hot respectively. Its final purpose is to freshen the air around you by reducing humidity as the higher the temperature, the higher the possibilities of contracting contagious diseases.

Research has enough proof that a high temperature creates a favorable breeding ground for disease-causing pathogens which could be airborne as well and note that this is in comparison to areas with a low level of temperature and pressure.

Honeywell MF08CESWW 8000 BTU portable air conditioner review

Honeywell MF08CESWW – features

  • It operates with relatively low levels of noise
  • It is a small portable AC unit
  • The item comes in a wide variety of colors creating the impression that it fits all types of users across the board
  • It has a digital timer that can automatically switch on and off according to your settings
  • The item comes with a dehumidifier whose objective is to moderate the level of moisture in your room to favorable standards
  • It has an additional remote-control feature to facilitate its functionality more so when you cannot access it
  • The product has personal user interphase to help you customize all your settings accordingly

TIP: Don’t lose a remote! 🙂

8000 BTU Cooling Power

It is worth noting that the cooling power of any AC unit matters a lot in the tips you can consider in the buying guide. In the case of this product, its cooling capabilities of 8000 BTU creates the impression that the Honeywell works well in small rooms of around 300 to 500 Sq. In the real world, this cooling power aims to moderate the device after every hour that it stays active. Its cooling speed is one which is more than enough for a small room of close to a maximum of 500 Square Feet.

Noise Levels

The most amazing feature of this Honeywell Conditioner is that it has a maximum level of 54 Decibels when it comes to noise reduction. In the real world, this is slightly lower than the other AC unit systems. However, the setback with the noise reduction feature is that when the AC overheats. When you try to insert additional personal programs into the system like voice chat, you will be quick to realize that the sound of the fan in action heavily outweighs that of the microphone. Users prove that even though they do not hate the sound, they do not love it either.

Installation of the portable air conditioner

According to some of the best Honeywell MF08CESWW reviews, these products are by far some of the easiest to install in the industry. All that you need is a plastic hose, its connector, a window bracket adapter, and its kit as well as drain tubes. You begin with connecting the two snap joints of the window bracket panel adapter. The second step is to expand all the plastic hoses and attach the window adapter. Attach both of them to the unit and attach them to an external window then begin setting the level of temperature you desire.

Other customer reviews

In addition to our review, we also did a research in order to find out what other customers who bought this portable air conditioner have to say about it. The truth is that a huge majority of customers claim that this is a very good device with more Pros than Cons. However, as the biggest Con, we could notice level is that Honeywell MF08CESWW is a noisy air conditioner especially if the room you are using it is actually a sleeping room or a quiet office. So, bear in mind that you might experience an uncomfortable noise in spaces where you need absolute silence such as it is in sleeping rooms.

Here are a few of those reviews:

Excellent air conditioner for a 1-2 bedroom apartment, maybe not for a big house. As long as you leave it on overnight during the summer you’ll keep your living space comfortable. Not cold, but comfy.

We bought this to help keep the pollen low and help cool down our bedroom which is above garage is always hot. It’s a little bit noisy but gives a white noise that helps with sleeping. Love that it has its own evaporator. Never has to empty water. It’s a little device but it’s on wheels.

Got this to keep dialysis liquid at the correct temperature and it does a very good job. Put the liquid in a closet and the portable AC in front of the opening.


  • The Honeywell MF08CESWW small portable AC unit 8000 BTU can serve its purpose in both big and small rooms, but, works better in small rooms.
  • It has a three-power traditional fan that is three times faster than the typical AC fans
  • It is convenient regarding mobility and portability as you can move with it from one place to the other
  • It looks amazing and attractive as opposed to the normal AC units that you have to install
  • It has the best cooling system because of its dehumidifier


  • It offers minimal but, noticeable and disturbing noise more so in a silent room
  • Operates only with remote
  • Fan direction is barely movable only from side to side


If you are looking for a small room portable air conditioner, there is no need for you to look any further because the Honeywell portable air conditioner is here and is taking the world by storm. The AC unit has so many benefits that may vary according to the user. If you are one that needs fresh air in complete silence, this unit is not for you because its level of noise could be distracting if not disturbing. In my opinion, I would recommend this item to any user out there to help them experience the feeling of being part of the Honeywell Community.

Honeywell MF08CESWW review













  • Ideal for small rooms
  • Has a remote
  • Strong fan
  • Has wheels
  • Good price


  • Noise level
  • Operates only by using remote
  • Fan can't be directed