LG LP0817WSR Review – 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

A portable Air conditioner is a convenient way to control the conditions of a house or a specific room, not only does it purify air but it also sucks the humidity away, it cools a room by using a compressor and a coolant.
The best thing about such conditioners is that they are highly mobile. If you want the conditions in one room to differ from the rest of the house then the use of one is recommended as opposed to buying several air conditioners for one house, all you have to do is move the device from room to room. This aspect of the portable air conditioner also significantly reduces the overall electric bill.

Here is the review of the portable LG LP0817WSR air conditioner.

LG LP0817WSR – First impression

The LG LP0817WSR comes in an original LG box and when it’s taken out it appears exactly as depicted, then when taking it out you’ll find that it is protected by Styrofoam so that it would remain unscathed. Also in the box is a 1 year Warranty for parts and labor by the manufacturer, the user manual, remote control, installation kit and mesh filters.

The air conditioner measures (Depth) 12.8 inches by (Height) 27.36 inches by (Width) 16.93 inches and possesses an elegant look and is only available in white color.

LG LP0817WSR review

The air conditioner weighs around 59 pounds with integrated handles on either side to enable easy lifting and is equipped with a swiveling caster that enables you to move it easily along the floor surface. The unit is conveniently small and portable, so if you have a cabin somewhere and you may need an air conditioner then this will come in handy as you can carry it to and fro the cabin with relative ease or even just moving it from one room to another.

The LG LP0817WSR is powered using 115 volts. This portable air conditioner should be plugged into its own dedicated power outlet, if it is plugged in with other devices this may cause a fire hazard. The remote uses two Alkaline AAA batteries which come within the LG box.

LG LP0817WSR remote

In the event of a power outage, the unit will resume operation with your last input settings as soon as power returns as it has an auto restart feature.

The cooling power of 8000 BTU portable air conditioner

LG portable air conditioner 8000 BTU is designed to handle a relatively small area as opposed to a very large area. With an 8000 (British thermal units) BTU it can only effectively serve an approximated area that’s about 200 square feet in size with a 1.8 pints per hour dehumidification rate.

The biggest problem that can hinder proper cooling is finding the most appropriate placement of the AC so that it can serve the whole area accordingly since the AC comes with a short hose and power cord meaning it has to be close to a power outlet every time.

Noise level

The LG 8000 BTU portable air conditioner is not a loud device, it runs smoothly and its noise level can be compared to a ceiling fan. So, having it really close to your bed during the night where you sleep is not a quite good idea if you like complete silence in the room.

Make sure you have it in a right position where it can cool the space but yet again not disturb you in your daily activities although the LP0817WSR is definitely one of the quietest portable air conditioners there on market.

Functions and installation

It’s more or less easy to install as there is a step by step guide on how to do it.

The hose is used to drain water from the AC and it requires for a window kit to be installed, the kit comes with the LG air conditioner and is relatively easy to install and is adjustable to fit any window.

Tip: connect to the window panel part last!

There is a LED display panel that enables you to modify your room temperature as you please and it can assist in setting and performing the following:

1. Auto evaporation feature that allows for the device to be used continuously without having to empty the water pan.
2. An auto oscillating air vent that allows for efficient air circulation within the room.
3. It has a programmable timer that helps keep the room at the desired temperature even when you are not present or for when you want to sleep and don’t want to wake up and switch it off in the middle of the night.

LG 8000 BTU portable air conditioner review

There is a remote that allows you to operate most of the AC functions from a considerable distance and also perform the above functions.
The air filters are washable and so it is recommended that they are cleaned after every 3 weeks of continuous use so as to avoid future problems.

LG 8000 BTU

Other customer reviews

Although we have reviewed this 8000 BTU portable air conditioner we also did additional research on the market to check what other customers who bought this LG LP0817WSR had to say about it. And yes, most of the customers are satisfied with this device. However, we have discovered a few common problems that one can face while using this AC.

Some customers claim that they had slight difficulties to install the device. Especially to assemble the hose on the window as it falls out often. Also, some of them claim that the cord is too short, which is true and it is annoying to use the device in older building whit not so many outlets around.

On the other side majority of customers are pretty satisfied with the LG LP0817WSR especially those who are skillful to install such a device and they didn’t have the above-mentioned issues. They also claim it is a perfect portable air conditioner to cool one single room and it also looks quite nice and it is pretty silent.

One of the biggest pros for this LG device is definitely the price. Comparing to similar devices it can be up to twice as cheaper than the competitors.

Here are some of the reviews by other customers:

I bought this one and the 8,000 BTU Frigidaire to supplement my central AC – this one is more powerful (seems a tad colder and blows a little stronger); however, the Frigidaire is quieter and nicer looking.

One thing to note is that when it’s in cooling mode, the fan keeps blowing even when the room has reached the set temperature. Some people don’t like this. I love it. It means that when I’m sleeping, the noise difference between the AC compressor being on/off is smaller, so I’m less likely to be woken up by the compressor kicking on. On most AC’s, the fan shuts off when it’s not running the compressor, so when it turns back on it goes from silent to loud – this does not.

This is our 3rd portable a/c for our house. Perfect for our upstairs bedroom since house has no a/c (coastal San Diego). This unit cools down the room very quickly and is not very loud. My only gripe is with the thermostat. Even if the room is around 75 degrees, I need to turn the a/c temperature down to like 66 for the a/c compressor to kick on otherwise the fan just blows warm air. Also, like half the controls are on the remote only, so make sure you don’t lose it.


The product only serves a limited size and has a problem with the short hose otherwise it works perfectly. This air conditioner is considered a good purchase for a limited budget.
For those living in rented apartments and their landlord pays their electric bill or the building manager charges a fee for installing a window air conditioner it can be a great alternative, It can be seen as a convenient purchase as depicted in the LG 8000 BTU portable air conditioner reviews above.

LG LP0817WSR 8000 BTU













  • Good for small rooms
  • Design
  • 1 - year Warranty -year
  • Wheels
  • Price


  • Short cord
  • Short hose
  • Possible problem to install
  • Window kit